3 Attractions Along Alexandra Road

Attractions Along Alexandra Road

Alex Residences which is located along Alexandra Road is a very long, winding main road near the southern tip of Singapore. The road connects to famous spots in Singapore on both ends. On the northern end, it connects to Ganges Avenue and River Valley Road—which are both a few turns away from Orchard Road. On the southern end, it connects to Telok Blangah Road, which runs under the Keppel Viaduct and links to Vivo City.

Besides being a convenient link between two famous shopping spots in Singapore, Alexandra Road hosts many attractions of its own along its meandering length. Here are three of its many notable attractions.

Alexandra Retail Centre

Built out of the redeveloped podium of the PSA building, the Alexandra Retail Centre is a mall that offers amenities and convenience shopping to the many people within the vicinity. It is a three-story mall that contains dining outlets, convenience services and a variety of lifestyle and retail shops. Set in the middle of a bustling district with many employees from PSA, Mapletree, HSBC and even the Ministry of Education, the Alexandra Retail Centre receives a lot of traffic and makes life more enjoyable and convenient for these working professionals.

Academy of Singapore Teachers

The Academy of Singapore Teachers occupies a building that is the former campus of St. Andrews Junior College and a holding campus of target=”_blank”>River Valley High School. Set up to spearhead the professional development of MOE staff, the Academy of Singapore Teachers aims to build communities of practice for like-minded professionals of subject disciplines. It is a place for teachers to come together and learn from one another, developing stronger camaraderie and esprit de corps.

While the place isn’t really an attraction in the conventional sense (you can’t exactly enter the compound as a pedestrian), the beautiful design of its buildings adds to the ambience of Alexandra Road and gets it a place in this list.

Joe’s Kitchen

Located at BLK 124 near Bukit Merah Lane, Joe’s Kitchen is a humble Thai restaurant started by a chef named (unsurprisingly) Joe. Joe worked at Parkway Thai Restaurant as a chef for 6 years, before he decided to start his own Thai Restaurant. The restaurant was opened in 2006 and has been featured in an episode of the Channel 8 programme King of Thrift, where it has received excellent reviews.

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