Benefits of a District 3 Home

Alex Residences falls under District 3 of the 28 districts that Singapore is separated into. These districts are categorised based on the type of housing environment that the location provides. For example:

  • District 9 contains high-class homes located in the heart of Singapore, and residents can expect to be exposed to the city buzz and many shopping options.
  • District 19 is a housing area for middle-class residents who like to live near waterfront facilities.
  • District 23 has affordable housing near forested areas and comprehensive amenities, so residents can expect a peaceful and quiet home with lots of greenery around them.

So What’s in District 3

District 3 is a housing area that is steeped in local history, culture and flavour. Consisting of Tiong Bahru, Queenstown and Alexandra, District 3 contains many condominiums and HDB flats and is a housing location for the lower and middle classes of Singapore.

Food Haven

Tiong Bahru—one of the main areas of District 3—is an area that is renowned for its great and varied eating options. For starters, Tiong Bahru market houses many grocery options for its shoppers; and there are many cafes and roadside stores that litter the area to satisfy one’s hunger cravings.

Unique and Historical Architecture

District 3 used to be a place that had the homes of rich Chinese businessmen and British army bases back in the days of colonial rule. As a result, the area is predominantly littered with buildings that carry the designs of the 1940s and the 1950s. To accentuate this edge of the District, the housing estates and accompanying amenities that were constructed after this period follow the architectural style of the colonial era.

The Southern Ridges

Alexandra Road is also home to the Alexandra Arch—one of the many stylish bridges that are littered across the Southern Ridges of Singapore. With the convenient access to Bukit Timah hill and its forestry, nature lovers will love to own a home in District 3.

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