Developer Singland

Singapore Land Limited(Singland) has a long history dating all the way back to 1963 when it was first publicly listed. Singland played a pivoted role in the infrastructure rejuvenation of Singapore. It possesses about 2.2million sqft of office space and almost 1 million sqft of retail space. Some of the notable buildings managed by Singland include Clifford Centre, SGX Centre, The Gateway, West Mall and Marina Square.

In 1990, UIC acquired Singland and subsequently privatised Singapore Land Limited on 25 August 2014. UIC itself is a huge real estate player in Singapore. UOB holds a substantial stake in UIC, this makes the group strong entity. Singland prides itself in building quality home. Its tradition and prestige is definitely an intangible which other developments is unable to provide.

Besides Alex Residences, some of the ongoing projects include Mon Jervois, Pollen & Bleu, Thomson Three and 70 St Patrick.

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