New Developments of Alex Residences Released

Developments of Alex Residences

There was more information released on Alex Residences recently, and this website has been updated accordingly. Due to the amount of information that has been released in one shot, almost every page in this humble site has seen an update. If you are interested in the property here, do check out the following pages in the links below:

  • About Alex Residences – Added a picture about how the sky terrace will look like and changed the Key Information At A Glance section slightly.
  • Location – Made the pictures more user-friendly and added a gallery of location photos and maps.
  • Singland Homes Pte Ltd – Modified the developer’s page slightly to more accurately point out the company behind this project.
  • Site Map – Added a site map and a splash image.
  • Floor Plans – Updated the page with links to other development details for convenience.
  • Specifications – Updated the page with a whole bunch of specifications about the site, from fact sheets to ceiling heights and even frequently asked questions.
  • Contact Us – Update the page with a splash image to make it look nicer.
  • Site Wide – Made a proper gallery function for all the cropped images.

Enjoy the new content and take your time to use the information.

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