P&T Architects and Engineers

P&T Architects and Engineers

Alex Residences has the priviledge to work with P&T Architects and Engineers, or the P&T Group for short, are renowned for designing and developing many high-end buildings around the world, most notably in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore. The P&T Group has participated in many projects, from offices and institutional complexes to residential and retail buildings.

The history of the P&T Group dates back to 1868 with the arrival of Englishman William Salway in Hong Kong, who was en route to Australia. At that time, development in Hong Kong was frenetic and unplanned, consisting of poor, closely-spaced utilitarian tenement buildings. Recognising that he could help improve the development scene in Hong Kong, Salway opened an office there and persuaded Wilberforce Wilson, then Surveyor General of Hong Kong, to join him in partnership.

Together, they designed and developed Hong Kong’s Chartered Bank and Beaconsfield Arcade buildings together. These were grand buildings for the local merchants, who felt that the buildings reflected their statuses.

In 1884, the company would recruit the two people who it would be named after—Clement Palmer and Arthur Turner. Clement Palmer was an architect who helped design the first Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank building, and was later made a parter of the company. Arthur Turner was a capable structural engineer who was also made a partner. Carried by the brilliance of Clement Palmer and Arthur Turner, the company slowly became known colloquially as “Palmer & Turner”, or P&T for short.

Throughout the years, P&T grew as they took on more and more projects, recruiting more and more architects and engineers. Following the retirement of its founders, the World Wars of 1914 and 1939 halted development in Hong Kong and China, forcing P&T to spread their developmental efforts to other parts of Southeast Asia.

Today, the P&T group is a large organisation with many design and developmental projects from all around the world under their belt. Designing and developing stylish buildings wherever they go, the P&T group is poised for a bright future ahead of them.

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