Redhill – Culturally Rich

Redhill - Culturally Rich

Redhill, or Bukit Merah in Malay, is a place in Singapore that is very near the Central Business District. It got its name from a famous Malay tale of a little boy called Hang Nadim. In the days of old, the coasts of Singapore were infested by fierce swordfish that attacked people near the sea, injuring and killing them.

The Sultan at the time, Raja Paduka Sri Maharaja, was unable to find a way to solve this problem until he met Hang Nadim. The boy suggested that they cut down banana trees and use their trunks to build a barrier along the coast to repel the swordfish. When high tide came again, the swordfish followed. This time, however, the swordfish attacked the barrier and got themselves stuck on the banana trunks.

The plan succeeded, and the boy became a hero to the villagers. The Sultan, fearing that his rule had been undermined, sent men to kill the boy. The boy lived on a hill, and after he was killed, his blood soaked the entire hill red. The hill then became known amongst locals as Redhill, and that was how the place was named.

Today, Redhill is a bustling estate with relatively expensive property (due to its great location right outside the CBD). An interesting thing to note about the area is that Redhill and Bukit Merah—while they mean the same thing—refer to different places. Redhill is commonly used to refer to the MRT Station at the edge of Bukit Merah, while Bukit Merah itself is used to refer to the actual place itself.

If you are one of those people who were interested in buying Alex Residences, does the legend of Redhill spook you and make you reconsider buying property there? Or are you one of those people who believes it adds culture and value to your property?

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